There are three “quality” levels of directors:

1) “A” directors
2) “B” directors
3) young directors on the way up

When times are good, “A” directors get to work whenever they want to work. They’re very expensive, but very talented, and generally worth the money. If your media budget is $25 or $50 million, and a couple of “A” directors are interested, it makes sense to go with one. A talented director can lift a campaign from good to great, and the great campaigns always pay back quickly.

But if the assignment calls for shooting a simple pool-out of a well-established campaign, a solid “B” director might do just fine.

As for “young directors on the way up”, the time to consider one is when production money is limited. Make a good choice and the results can be terrific. But make sure there’s extra time for your agency to find and then work with the right young director.
Mel Sokotch - "Shortcuts to the obvious"

Nos dias de hoje, em que as empresas estão a reduzir os seus orçamentos para comunicação, qual será a opção mais viável?
Pesando os prós e os contras de todos, será o talento de um "A" director, a segurança de um "B" ou deverá arriscar-se num "young director on the way up"?

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